Unusual Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts Require Out of the Box Thinking

Reaching a golden wedding anniversary is a magical moment in any couple’s relationship and both the traditional and modern gift themes are equally special. Gold is the chosen material. No doubt because of its beauty and durability. Being married to one person for fifty years means there will have been some really golden moments, as well as some slightly tarnished ones of course. But despite all that life has thrown at a golden anniversary couple, the strength of their love has seen them through. Life’s a roller coaster, especially when you figure in the complicated emotions that often come with being married. Celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary should be a time to look back and remember , not just the good times but the rocky ones too. Daily experiences are what hone us as people, and help to make a relationship strong.

Anniversaries have been celebrated across the world for centuries. The tradition has been traced back to medieval Germany, when a husband celebrated 25th and 50th anniversaries by giving his wife a garland. Gold of course, for 50 years, and silver for 25. It’s highly likely that your wife won’t adore a garland, even if it’s made of a precious metal, but there are many alternatives.

Don’t be old hat, try unusual wedding anniversary gifts

unusual anniversary giftsJewellery, chocolates, flowers, photo frames and glasses could be considered by some to be pretty generic. Why not think a little bit out of the box and choose a wedding anniversary gift you’ve not already given?

Anniversaries are celebrated because it’s a time to show your love and gratitude for the life you’ve been enjoying with your partner. It might be just another year but fifty years is a momentous event. Time to take advantage of the day and make your wife feel like a queen. So what can you buy for such a special lady? Here are a few suggestions that will make her day perfect.

Anniversary gift hamper – This will be an interesting gift for your wife especially if she’s got a sweet tooth. Included in the box could be a selection of her favourites. She’ll be really impressed that you’ve thought about the things that she likes.

Be creative with your flowers – Red roses are always a favourite but the natural world is full of blooms that are just as beautiful. Lilies, tulips, sunflowers, daffodils, and violets, are just a few examples. Take a trip to your local florist and take some advice. Tell them the occasion you’re celebrating and they’ll create the perfect bouquet. A really unusual spin on the gift of flowers is a gold-dipped rose. Natural rose blooms, picked at their best, are dipped in 24 carat gold, silver or platinum, to create an everlasting wedding anniversary gift.

An embroidered cushion – Can a home ever be complete without a full set of cushions? Hopefully your wife will think not and you can give her the gift of an exquisitely embroidered cushion, decorated or coloured gold. The detail could be a loving message, her name, your wedding date, or simply the words “I love you”. Another interesting alternative is an anniversary quilt. Handmade by yourself, or a close family member it will include personal messages from people who know and have been influenced by the anniversary couple.

Give an unusual experience gift and make their day

If you think that your spouse or the anniversary couple are game for doing something different consider the options with the unusual wedding anniversary gift idea of an experience. Are they up for a thrilling day? Would they prefer to try something more relaxing? Would they like to learn a completely new skill? Here is a short selection of what’s available:

Two nights in Paris for two – Stay in a 3 star hotel and enjoy two evening French cuisine experiences, as well as continental breakfast. Travel includes tickets for the Eurostar.

Flight in a WWII Spitfire – Possibly not everyone’s cup of tea, but we think you’ll agree it’s unusual. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to go back in history, and it’ll send shivers down the spines of many reading this.

golf ball for himChocolate making workshop – Some of the best chocolatiers will be gather to instruct in the dark art of making chocolate. Enjoy trying your hand at sipping, infusing, piping and decorating tasty truffles. Try shaping American style fudge and create a new topping.

Vineyard tour – Wander around one of the UK’s renowned vineyards and taste their wares. Learn more about the wine-making process and discuss its history. You’ll even get a bottle of wine to take home.

Relaxing massage – To be enjoyed as a couple, or for the more modest, singly. It will be the perfect opportunity to indulge yourselves with some ‘you time’. A range of massages will be offered. For example Thai, Reiki, detox, modern, and traditional. What better way to unwind and think back over the 50 years you’ve spent together.

We’d finally like to wish each and everyone reading this all the best for the future. Whether you’re one half of an anniversary couple, or know a couple of family members or friends who have reached this pinnacle in their relationship, do something for them and find a gift that counts. And remember it’s not just the recipient who should be getting joy from the wedding anniversary gift.