How to Celebrate Half a Century of Married Life With Anniversary Wedding Gifts for the Home

Reaching a fiftieth wedding anniversary is a significant milestone in the life of any married couple. What a huge achievement reaching half a century is, and one that deserves to be marked out a one of the most important events so far. There are ways you can show the celebrating couple how much you care about them, but it requires you to put some thought and care into choosing suitable wedding anniversary gifts for the home.

Anniversary wedding gifts for the home can be a great choice for friends and family to give to the couple. It’s a wonderful way to provide them with a memento of the occasion. Every time they look at it they’ll be reminded of how much people care about them and how their love have seen them through the good and the bad times.

Wedding anniversary gifts are often items for the couples home, but as this particular couple have been living together for fifty years, it’s highly likely there aren’t many of the essentials left to buy. No need to worry though, because there are still plenty of decorative homeware gifts to choose from.

Personalised golden wedding gifts to embellish their home

anniversary gifts - candles for couplesA thoughtful selection when choosing anniversary wedding gifts for the home are items that have been personalised. This kind of present can be tailored to suit the anniversary couples taste and style. All that’s required is for the gift to show the thought that was put into its choosing and for it to be a reflection of your feelings.

So what kind of items are there to choose from. A stunning array is just waiting. From gold plated fruit bowls to meaningful prints for the wall, and sculptures to matching bath robes, the range of anniversary wedding gifts for the home to pick from is astounding. A popular choice that can be tailored to suit most couples is an anniversary picture frame. Fill the frame with photographs that mark special life events or create a collage and add handwritten well wishes from friends and family.

Another decorative option that perfectly matches the 50th wedding anniversary theme. A 24 carat gold-dipped rose, made with care and attention to detail. Natural roses are grown in a nursery and at the height of their beauty the blooms are carefully picked. Using a specialised process the blooms are dipped in 24 carat gold, which preserves their beauty for an eternity. Presented in a leather display case these roses coated in precious metals can also be engraved for extra meaning.

Anniversary wedding gifts for the home can be practical as well as beautiful

Some anniversary couples may already have enough decoration and would better appreciate wedding anniversary gifts for the home that are also quite practical. We’ve already mentioned a few of them, but there are plenty more worthy of your attention. There are heaps of specialist online stores, as well as countless places on the High Street, where you can find top quality and intricately decorated gifts for the home, that not only look attractive but can be used for special occasions or everyday use.

Take for example glassware, which lends itself perfectly to an anniversary engraving. Available with very basic decoration or more highly ornate wine or champagne flutes can have the couple’s wedding date and their initials or names added quickly and easily. Beautiful enough to be on permanent display in a cabinet, and brought out for special toasts, or laid out for dinner every evening.

vase with planitum roseVases are also great wedding anniversary gifts for the home. A golden wedding anniversary vase, personalised with a thoughtful message, makes for a long lasting and precious gift for the home. There are lots of options when it comes to materials, if you think the couple won’t be too worried about receiving something gold. Glass, metal, wood and resin all make excellent containers for flowers.

The couple celebrating their golden wedding anniversary might prefer a gift that’s unusual, while still being very practical. Perhaps they’d love a personalised cheese board, cute salt and pepper bowls, enamel sign for the front of their home, tea light holders, personalised wooden smartphone chargers, key racks and knife racks.

Things to remember when choosing your golden anniversary gifts

If you’re worried about whether the couple will appreciate your gift, don’t fret over the size of your budget. Extravagantly expensive or something that costs nothing at all, what matters most is that the couple understand and feel the emotion and thought that went into choosing the gift. Anybody can nip to the supermarket and pick out a generic item, but it takes love and affection to pick a gift that will really mean something. Your friends or relatives will be bowled over with a gift that shows you’ve taken the time to pick the right thing.

There are hundreds of gorgeous anniversary wedding gifts for the home, and we hope you find inspiration in the ones we’ve mentioned. Gifts for the home are a great idea, because of the way in which they can be personalised. Choose a wedding anniversary gift wisely and you’ll be adding to the special nature of the day. As well as help the couple to remember the occasion. Put your heart and soul into choosing their gift and it’ll be remembered for many years to come.