Anniversary Wedding Gifts for Couples Made Easy

At least once in everyone’s lifetime, it’s likely to be faced with the problem of buying an anniversary gift. We hope that you’ll find yourself looking for anniversary gifts for your husband or wife. But it could equally be your parents, grandparents, friends or relatives that will mean you find yourself looking to find a gift. As you’ve found your way here, we think it’s safe to say you fall into the latter half and are looking for some inspiration. You want a gift that will clearly show the couple how much you respect them, but it must also convey your love and affection. If your gift manages to raise a chuckle or a smile as well, then that will be perfect.

A 50th wedding anniversary is a very important event, and one that’s more than worthy of a celebration. Reaching such an enormous milestone is a significant time in their lives. Which is why the gifts they receive should be as memorable and unique as possible. The best anniversary gifts for couples are those that certain memories, and hopefully these will last a lifetime. A popular anniversary idea nowadays is for family members and friends to pool their funds and get the celebrating couple the mother of all gifts.

Send the golden anniversary couple on the trip of a lifetime

gold golf ballOne of the many popular anniversary wedding gifts ideas for couples is to send them off on the holiday of a lifetime. While not the best kind of gift if your budget is limited, pool your cash with friends and family and you’ll soon have them jetting off on an all expenses paid holiday to an exotic location. However, not everyone enjoys lying back and enjoying blue sky, ocean and miles of white sand. Some anniversary couples would much prefer to spend time relaxing a little closer to home. Just take into account the preferences of the anniversary couple before making any hasty bookings.

Is there a dream location you’re certain they’ve always dreamt of visiting? What better way to celebrate 50 years of married life together by an all-inclusive trip somewhere amazing. However, a train tour of Europe, a weekend in the capital city that includes a West End Show, or a tasting tour of local vineyards would be equally memorable, if that’s what they’d prefer.

A golden wedding anniversary is a great excuse for a family reunion

The way we live our lives nowadays, means that family and friends end up scattered not just across the UK, but also across the globe. Sad though it might be, it’s a fact of life that friends and relatives often can’t get to see each other for years. With a golden wedding anniversary on the horizon, what better reason is needed to get everyone together again and surprise the couple. You won’t have to organise it all by yourself, as there will be plenty of volunteers to help out. A huge family party will bring them more happiness than money can buy. It’s up to the preferences of the anniversary couple how big a splash you want to make. After all not everyone will be bowled over with a lavish party in a swanky hotel. Some couples would prefer a special family meal together with the people they love most of all.

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Get the occasion immortalised in print

Another great anniversary wedding gift idea for couples is to organise a family photoshoot. You might have your very own David Bailey in the family, or you might have to go to the expense of hiring a professional. Whichever route you take you can be sure the couple will be left with a long lasting reminder of their special day. They’ll also enjoy the experience of having all the family together for a few hours of fun.

When you get in touch with your professional photographer, remember to ask whether they offer any special packages. You might find one that offers champagne as part of the experience, even the opportunity to dress up in elegant finery. All family members can be included, from the very youngest to the oldest, capturing the moment forever.
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Golden wedding anniversary ideas couples can enjoy together

There are some great gift ideas that couples can enjoy together, such as:

  • Personalised key rings – Two complimenting key rings in the shape of heart, with the addition of a meaningful message makes the perfect gift.
  • Personalised mugs – For that all important morning cuppa, along with a tin of their favourite coffee.
  • A bottle of bubbly and matching flutes – The coming of a golden wedding anniversary is deserving of a toast of the finest champagne.
  • Golden anniversary picture frame – A gift that will add sparkle to the day, especially when the frame is filled with a memorable photo.
  • A genuine newspaper – This anniversary wedding gift idea will remind them of the events that were newsworthy on the day they tied the knot.
  • An anniversary plant or tree for the garden – If the couple enjoy spending time in their garden, give them a gift they can enjoy year after year.

When the invitation to a golden wedding anniversary drops through the door, there’s always the worry of what to buy them for a gift. We’ve given you a few suggestions, but this is just a small selection of what’s on offer. Keep visiting our site because there are lots more to come.