Bring a Smile to her Face with the Gift of Anniversary Jewellery

If you’re one half of a very special couple, soon to be celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary, we’re pretty certain you’re facing the challenge of finding the perfect gift for your long suffering wife. Over the last fifty years you’ve hopefully done pretty well in the gift giving stakes. However, this year you really want to push the boat out and buy her an anniversary gift that will light up her eyes. The good news is that this year there are heaps of options, especially if you’re looking for something golden. After all gold is the traditional and modern theme for fiftieth wedding anniversary presents. The classical anniversary gifts have and probably always will be flowers and chocolates. But we’ll be concentrating on something else here on this page.

Anniversary JewelleryAnniversary jewellery is a top choice for such an occasion, particularly when you’re buying a gift for your lovely lady wife. This kind of gift can be meaningful, not just for the recipient, but for the giver of the gift too. And for a golden wedding anniversary gift the theme lends itself perfectly. There aren’t many women who would turn their noses up when given a delicate, elegant, or bright and cheerful piece of jewellery. Jewellery can also be easily personalised, with an engraving or by adding a specific detail to the piece. And because there is so much to choose from there should be no problem finding an item of jewellery that suits your wife’s taste and sense of style.

You can buy her something she’ll be proud to wear everyday, or special anniversary jewellery to be worn for glamorous occasions. However often she wears it, she’ll always be reminded of you and the thought and care you put into choosing her perfect anniversary gift.

Select her favourite anniversary jewellery from a number of different types

The options open to you when looking for the right kind of anniversary jewellery might just as well be endless. It’s take a month of Sunday’s and possibly longer to carefully look at everything available. For this reason we thought we’d try and help narrow things down. By looking at a few of the most popular types of jewellery and help you decide which is right for her. Once you’ve read through them you’re at the point where you need to make a decision. Think about the jewellery your wife already has and pick something to compliment her collection. See if there’s a particular style she prefers. If she hasn’t got any bracelets, it probably means she doesn’t like wearing them. Likewise if the only ring she has is your wedding and engagement ring. Might not be a wise move to buy her a ring.

Elegant earrings will make her feel like a lady

Earrings never seem to go out of fashion, so they’ll make a great gift for your wife. She might prefer a more classical style, or be pleased to receive a pair that make a bold statement. There’s something to suit everyone of the ladies, you just need to find it.

If you’re looking for earrings that are a little unusual, a great idea would be to buy your wife a pair of earrings made from the petals of a miniature rose. Glazed and then delicately trimmed in 24 carat gold they will make the perfect gift for a 50th wedding anniversary.

anniversary rose from gold


Delicate bracelets for a golden anniversary gift

This particular item of jewellery has been around longer than earrings. Bracelets have been around for thousands of years. As with all other types of jewellery you’ve plenty of options, and won’t have a problem finding something she loves. Buy her a gold charm bracelet, and add certain charms to represent important people, places and events in her life. Or go for a bracelet with a much simpler design such as a bangle. These can be plain or highly decorated with precious stones. If you know her birth stone this would be great as adornment for an anniversary bangle.

Personalised pendants and necklaces

white rose pendant Anniversary JewelleryNecklaces have been worn by both men and women throughout the ages and today are a very popular gift. Throughout history necklaces have been worn that held deep significance, whereas nowadays they are mostly worn for personal adornment. Over time fashions have changed but the most popular have stood the test of time. From pendants to chokers, plain or ornate, necklaces are always going to be a good choice for an anniversary gift. The piece can be personalised with a meaningful engraving or by adding such things as a birthstone or favourite colour gem. And there are so many different shapes, sizes and styles available you should even be able to find something with relevance to her preferences.

For a fiftieth wedding anniversary gift it’s traditional to choose something made of gold. However, there’s nobody telling you this is what you have to do. On the contrary. The choice of gift is yours entirely. We’ve only offered you some suggestions, and given you as many options as possible. Because we appreciate that wives don’t fit into neat compartments. Each and everyone of them are special, which is why you’re looking for the best anniversary gift. Still feeling a little worried? Don’t be! You’ve got all the knowledge necessary, but just needed some direction. Nobody knows your wife better than you do, so this year buy her a gift she’ll treasure for ever.