50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents – Celebrate in Style

They’ve been together for 50 years, and your parents are soon to be celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. Time to find a gift that will show them how much you appreciate all that they’ve done for you, and how proud you are of such an achievement. Celebrating wedding anniversaries is an aged old tradition, dating back to the Holy Roman empire. Way back then a 50th anniversary was marked by the husband giving his wife a wreath made of gold. And while this might not be suitable for today’s modern couples, gold is still associated with such an occasion. But don’t worry because there are plenty of wonderful things to choose from when you’re looking for 50th wedding anniversary gifts for your parents. Unusual, fun, enjoyable, mysterious, humourous, or very practical – it all depends on the happy couple and their preferences.

Bring Back Memories with their Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift

Being married is not the easiest of unions. It can be full of trials and tribulations, joy and sorrow, good times and bad. All the more reason to take this opportunity and remember the good times. A great way to do this is by creating a scrapbook or photo album. Once you’ve found the right album, either by looking online or visiting one of your local stores, you just need to find the pictures to fill it. When it comes to picking the perfect album you’re going to spoilt for choice. Different designs, colours, styles, as well as the option of getting it personalised. Some are perfect for a golden wedding anniversary celebration, because they are coloured gold, or trimmed with a golden design. For the personalisation you can have their names, and date of their marriage emblazoned on the front cover.

photo albumIf you want to keep this gift a secret from your parents, you’re going to need to enlist some help, in gathering enough memorable photos. Ask your brothers or sisters, other family members and your parents friends, to see if they can rummage through their own collections of photos. You might want to see if you can get some of the couple on their wedding day. And it doesn’t just have to be just photos that form the scrapbook. Ask people for some personal messages you can put into the album. You could even ask them to write directly into the book.

A great alternative to a scrapbook is a collage of memories. Find a gold coloured frame and fill it with images, messages, photos, anything that will spark their memories.


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Show How Much You Care with Your 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

For your parents this is a significant milestone in their relationship. All the more so when you consider how many modern marriages now end in divorce. For their generation, being married was a special joining of two people, and they’ve shown how important it is by staying together. If you want to show your parents how much they mean to you there are lots of different ways. How about organising a big party, inviting all the people your parents know and love? Or you could turn it down a notch and hold a small family get-together. Why not buy them a special gift they can share, send them a present for parentsoff on a holiday or if you think they’d prefer something a little more low-key, invite them round to yours for dinner? For such an important occasion you need to spend some time finding the right gift to convey your feelings. It’s not the easiest of tasks, because there is just so much to choose from. And it’s not something that can be done in your lunch break, with very little thought or planning. But you don’t have to spend hours walking up and down the High Street. There are heaps of gifts you can find by doing some research on the internet. And the great thing about online shopping, is that your gifts could come from anywhere in the world.

Best Ideas for 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Your Parents

Gold jewellery is a great choice for an anniversary gift. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings for your mum, and cufflinks or a watch for your dad. As long as you keep your parents taste in mind, you’ll have no problem finding something to suit them. But don’t make the mistake of buying the first thing that looks to be right, because scroll down the page and you’re going to find plenty more. Gold jewellery comes in many different styles and designs, and you can also choose between the various colours of gold including white or yellow.

Did you know that for your mum, you can buy roses that have been dipped in gold? A company called Eternity Rose, have perfected the technique, and offer exquisitely crafted rose blooms, in an attractive leather display case. The stem of the rose can also be engraved with a special message. What mum wouldn’t be proud to have such a great gift? And for dad? They have poker cards and golf ball and tee sets, also dipped in gold.

How about something for their home? Possibly not a lot of choice here, as you would hope they’ve already got pretty much all they need to make their lives comfortable. But there are some interesting and unusual additions or accessories you could choose. It’s not going to be something essential, but more like something that will look good in their home. How about a new picture for their all, an item made from gold coloured glass, a sculpture, tapestry or something a little more artisan?

You can choose to buy a golden wedding anniversary gift for him, and a golden wedding anniversary gift for her, or pick something that your parents can enjoy together. Whatever gift you choose to give your parents on their 50th wedding anniversary, take your time in picking the right thing, and try and make it special. It should clearly show how you’re proud of all they’ve achieved and the love that has continued to grow.