Make Your Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift Truly Special with a Spot of Personalisation

If you’re thinking of taking the route of choosing something personal for a 25th wedding anniversary gift what a great decision you’re making. Making a gift personal clearly shows you’ve spent some time and care choosing it. Personalised golden wedding anniversary gifts are a fantastic way to show that you care. However, when it comes to the actual shopping, the wealth of options can be a tad overwhelming. Almost anything nowadays can be engraved, embroidered, detailed or printed with somebodies name, initials, wedding dates or with a meaningful message. Which can sometimes be rather confusing. Some of the gifts you uncover will be amazing and some will seem a bit tacky, so how can you choose? Obviously you don’t want tacky, so that knocks out a few options, but still leave hundreds of awesome anniversary gifts to choose from. Even gifts that seem pretty mundane can be lifted to a whole new level with a bit of personalisation. Which only adds to the confusion.

Personalised golden wedding anniversary gifts you won’t want to miss out on

heart and sunsetPersonalised wedding anniversary gifts that can be given pride of place in the marital home, or one that comes in very useful during the daily routine will always be given a great reception. A simple item to place on the dinner table such as salt and pepper shakers that cuddle one another when not in use, or ones that when they’re standing together are the shape of a heart can easily be personalised with the married couple’s names, wedding date or meaningful message.

Does your wife have several treasured trinkets, but nowhere to keep them? Is her jewellery collection spilling over her dressing room table? Bet she’d love to receive a gold trinket box, personalised with a heartfelt message.

Would you love to name a star in the night sky after your beloved? That’s actually possible to do for your wedding anniversary gift. There aren’t many things more personal than a star with the same name as the woman you love.

How many times have you come home from work and found your wife holding an afternoon get together with her friends? Give her a gift that will make afternoon tea with the girls a really elegant occasion. A cake knife and server, preferably made of gold, or a china tea service with gold trim detail.


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Items of jewellery lend themselves well to personalisation

As you already know, gold is the theme for a fiftieth wedding anniversary. If you’re looking for gold jewellery for your wife you’re not going to be disappointed. Gold is one of the most popular precious metals, which means there’s a wide range of styles to pick from. For a piece of gold jewellery that’s truly personal, get a craftsman to make her a totally unique piece.

Admittedly there isn’t always a lot of room for an engraving, but there will always be enough to say “I love you”. And just because there isn’t much room, don’t take this as an excuse to wimp out of saying something. There’s always enough room in the presentation box for a love letter.

Are you still feeling confused about the kind of personalised golden wedding anniversary gifts to buy her? Here are a few more examples:

  • Candles – As well as bringing warmth and soft lighting to a home, they can bring with them a special message of your choice.
  • Photo album – Give her a precious place to keep all her favourite photos safe.
  • Planter – If the recipient has green fingers this gift will bring added colour to the garden.
  • Tea or coffee caddy – Filled with a favourite beverage for that morning cuppa.
  • A favourite bottle of wine, beer, or spirits – Add a matching set of personalised glasses and the couple will be well equipped for their anniversary toast.

Don’t forget a personalised golden wedding anniversary gift for him

Husbands aren’t always the ones to be considered when buying wedding anniversary gifts. But they need to feel special too, so don’t forget them. All you wives have probably been pretty successful with previous anniversary gifts, but let’s face it guys aren’t always difficult to buy for. As it’s your 50th wedding anniversary, it’s time to push the boat out. Socks, shaving products, pyjamas, and gifts for his car, aren’t going to cut the mustard this year.

personalised giftA golden wedding anniversary is a very important event, and this year your gift should be one that he’ll treasure. He’ll immediately know how much you care, when he opens his gifts and sees all the thought that went into his gift. Bear in mind the other passions in his life, and pick a gift that’s relevant. Men love their gifts to be useful or practical, so tick this box and you’re well on the way to success. Add a personal touch, either in the form of an engraving or a sentimental message and your gift will stand head and shoulders above previous years.

Looking for the most perfect gift for your wife or husband isn’t as difficult as you think. Spend some time considering all the options, and be confident in what you pick. There really is something out there for everyone, and now you’ve got a few ideas who knows what you’ll find. And please give yourself plenty of time, because the best personalised anniversary gifts don’t always come ready made.