50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him and for Her

To all of those about to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary we’d like to send our best wishes. This very important occasion that honours half a century of being married is not just a commemoration of the love shared between two people, it’s also a sign of love’s resilience and versatility. This significant milestone is also a good reason for exchanging gifts. Not just between the happy couple, but by family and friends. Traditionally it’s been the time for a husband to give his wife a garland made of gold. And while this particular gift is no longer as popular, gold still remains the symbol for this anniversary.

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The custom of giving anniversary gifts can be traced back to the Holy Roman empire, and was also part of Northern European custom. Way back then it was the 25th and 50th anniversaries that were popularly marked with a celebration, but nowadays it’s more common for many of the other anniversary years to be celebrated. This is possibly due to a gift list that was created by the National Association of Jewellers in America. Who compiled their list, giving every anniversary year up to 25 it’s own special symbol, and every 5th year after that. Quite a good marketing ploy, but also a great reference tool if you happen to be looking for an anniversary gift.

Memorable 50th Anniversary Gift Ideas

50th-anniversary-giftGold is the traditional choice for gifts between a man and his wife, but it is also usual for friends and family to give the couple gifts made of gold. Historically it was a golden wreath or garland that was given, but this isn’t really the kind of gift that would be welcome nowadays. Nevertheless gifts still revolve around gold, where a 50th wedding anniversary is concerned. A gold necklace or gold cufflinks would be much more appreciated by today’s anniversary couples. In fact anything to do with gold is the order of the day. There’s also dinnerware with attractive gold leaf, glasses with gold rims, wine with gold in the name, anniversary gold plaques, plates, gold trinkets and ornaments.

After 50 years of marriage there isn’t much to give that is essential or needed. The couple should already be surrounded by the wonders of modern life. Which means that it’s good to look for gifts that are unusual, unique, and something they might never have heard of. Such gifts could include roses dipped in gold, such as those from Eternity Rose, golden antiques or gold coins. Another gift that would be appreciated is a gold picture frame that includes a photo of their wedding day.

How to Choose the Most Perfect 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

A great way for couples to ensure the right gifts are given is to create a gift list, much like the one that might have been used on their wedding day. But for many this won’t be necessary, and is only an idea if the celebration is going to be a big one. So let’s give you a few 50th anniversary gift ideas, and how best to choose the right gifts.

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  • 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas should fit in with the lifestyle, needs and wants of the couple. Dinner sets and glassware would be a great idea.
  • Take into consideration the age of the couple, because we all know how tastes change as you get older. A couple who are celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary aren’t going to be spring chickens after all. And won’t be looking for the latest gadgets and electronic gizmos.
  • Talk to family members, children and grandchildren to get a better idea of the things they’d like, and to see what other people will be buying.
  • Think about the couple’s interests. For example they might like travelling, visiting stately homes, walking round gardens, listening to music concerts or watching a show.
  • Consider getting together with a few other people and pitching in for a larger gift.


50th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents

If it’s your parents who will soon be celebrating their golden wedding anniversary why not get together with other family members, such as your brothers, sisters and grandchildren, and compile a scrapbook full of memories. When it comes to gift ideas for your parents, why not give them a gift that shows the origins of the family name? A golden wedding anniversary is a great opportunity to thank your parents for all that they’ve done, and to show your appreciation and how proud you are of all that they’ve achieved.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas – Why Not Say it With Flowers?

gold eternity roseUsing flowers to mark a special occasion is an aged old tradition. Flowers are used to convey many different emotions and messages, and for a 50th wedding anniversary the violet is the relevant symbol. This dainty, purple flower is not the easiest of choices to incorporate into an anniversary gift, and definitely isn’t suitable for a bouquet. But you could always give a living plant to the happy couple, for them to plant in their garden. There are also lots of other aptly named plants you could choose to give as an anniversary gift.

  • Golden Wedding Anniversary Plants
  • Fuchsia ‘Golden Anniversary’
  • Hosta ‘Golden Anniversary’
  • Rosa ‘Golden Wedding’
  • Clematis ‘Golden Harvest’
  • Rose ‘Happy Golden Wedding’
  • Rhododendron ‘Golden Wedding’

And if you’re really not sure which would be appreciated most of all, you can always choose to give them a gift voucher from a local garden centre. And then the couple can go and choose their own. The great thing about living plants is they will be a constant reminder of the anniversary day.

Celebrate Your Golden Wedding Anniversary in a Way that Suits You

For your 50th wedding anniversary it’s time to throw convention out of the window. This special day is all about celebrating your union, in a way that suits you both. Without having to worry about other people’s feelings. After all you’ve been concerned about other people for 50 years now, so this time it’s all about you. Hold a party or just spend the evening having a quiet dinner somewhere special. And when it comes to 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas, splash out on each other, or just exchange a small token of your affection. It’s the feeling behind the gift that is most important. Nothing else matters.